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Big 5 Winter Clothing

Snow Clothes

Big 5 Clothing

Weather is always a factor here in Wyoming and as winter fast approaches students are going to need their Big 5 items.

 Parents are asked to dress their children appropriately for the often sudden and extreme Wyoming weather changes with our Big 5!

Students are expected to play outside during all recesses unless the real feel temperature is 0 degrees or less. We will have inside recess for those days. Students will still need their Big 5 items on those days to go from the school building to the bus or parent’s vehicle. 

What is the Big 5?

They are the following items:


Gloves or Mittens 



Snowsuits or Pants 

These things should be labeled to aid in the return of 

lost or misplaced items. 

**On P.E. days, make sure to bring your gym shoes!