Monthly Events

MAY/ JUNE 2021 

5-1 Principal’s Day

5-3 thru 5-7 Teacher Appreciation Week

5-4 UCSD#1 School Board Meeting

5-5 National School Lunch Hero Day!

5-5 Kindergarten Ranch Day Field Trip 9:15am

5-6 National Nurses Day!

5-6 Fire Drill 2:15pm

5-7 5th Grade Students Only- Dodgeball Practice 8:00am

5-7 5th Grade Arbor Day Ceremony & Tree Planting at 1:30pm

5-11 UME 5th grade students that are attending EMS Fall 2021-22 visit EMS- 10:00am

5-12 5th Grade DMS Orientation 9:45am

5-13 Last day of Afterschool Enrichment classes

5-15 5th Grade Students Only- Dodgeball Practice 8:00am

5-14 4th Grade Rendezvous 9:45am

5-14 WY-TOPP Celebration Party (Grades 3rd- 5th grades)

5-19 3rd & 4th Grade Field Trip - AG Days 9:15am

5-20 4th Grade Field Trip- WY History “Live” Tour at the Bear River State park 9:15am 

5-21 5th Grade Students Only- Dodgeball Practice 8:00am

5-21 1st Grade Walking Field Trip Downtown Evanston

5-21 3rd Grade Field Trip to Ft. Bridger 9:15am

5-21 2nd Grade Field Trip to Loveland Living Planet Aquarium 9:30am

5-21 5th Grade Maturation 2:30pm

5-24 Soaring into Summer Reading Participlay during school hours

5-25 1st Grade End of Year Program 9:15am

5-25 1st Grade Walking Field trip to Evanston Dance Academy 

5-26 UME Field Day (K-2nd grade at 9:15am & 3rd - 5th Grade at 1:00pm)

5-26 UME Hope of America and North Star Award Assembly 12:30pm

5-26 5th Grade District Dodgeball Tournament at DMS 4:00pm

5-27 EHS Graduation Walk thru UME 9:00am

5-27 Kindergarten Awards and Graduation

5-27 5th Grade Field Trip to Aspen Cinemas 9:30am 

5-27 5th Grade Clap-Out at UME 12:00pm

5-27 Last Day of School/ End of 4th Quarter/ Early Release at 12:50pm

5-28 HHS Graduation

5-29 EHS Graduation


6-1 thru 6-3 Office will be open during these dates from 9:00am-2:00pm.

Please check the lost and found before the last day of school!!