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1/2 Day Lunch Information

Dear Parents,

In preparation for October 25th, the first of four half days this school year, the district food service department is providing a new opportunity for our children. This year on each of the early out days (October 25th, January 17th, March 20th, and May 29th) the children will be served a sack lunch before being dismissed. In order to serve the students lunch, all of the elementary schools have moved from a 12:20pm dismissal to a 12:50pm dismissal. Lunches will be picked up by staff and taken to classrooms and then distributed to the students who ordered a sack lunch. The children will be charged the same price as their regular lunch. Students not ordering a sack lunch can bring their own lunch or snack from home if they’d like. 

Our gratitude goes out to the food service and school staff for making this possible. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the district at 307-789-7571 Ext. 1026, Linda Martin the Food Service Director at 307-789-7571 Ext. 1010, or your individual school office. 


Jerrod Dastrup