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Letter From Mr. Francis

Message from the Principal


Welcome back to school Eagles! I am excited to introduce myself to you as the new principal of Uinta Meadows Elementary. This is an incredible place with incredible people, and I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with you this school year. Let’s make this year the best one possible by being there for each other and making Uinta Meadows a home away from home for our students. 


I will arrive at Uinta Meadows Elementary with seven years of experience in the district at both Davis Middle School and Evanston High School. Although we arrived in Evanston as outsiders, we have felt the support of the community every step of the way. My wife, Candace, is currently employed as a paraprofessional at Clark Elementary. I have three children who attend Uinta Meadows: my daughter, Elsie, is a fifth grade student, and her brothers Finn and Lincoln are twins who will be in first grade this school year. We consider Evanston “home” now and look forward to building new relationships with members of the community. 


My interest in education originated from my time at Utah State University. I graduated from the University with a bachelor's degree in English Teaching. My first teaching position was at Davis Middle School, where I taught English Language Arts for five years. During my time at Davis, I started my graduate studies in Educational Administration at the University of Wyoming. The past two years I’ve spent my time teaching AP Language and Composition, eleventh grade English Language Arts, and twelfth grade English Language Arts. 


That’s enough about me! What’s infinitely more exciting is the direction of where Uinta Meadows is heading. We have successfully certified as a level 2 High Reliability School, which is a major accomplishment. It means that we have implemented “Effective Teaching in Every Classroom,” a goal that every elementary school should strive to accomplish. As we look forward to this year, we plan to certify as a level 3 school. This would mean that we have established a “Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.” I believe our staff is ready to tackle this next opportunity head on. 


Most importantly, we strive for every student to feel validated and welcomed at Uinta Meadows Elementary. A key to this is creating effective lines of communication. Parents are encouraged to visit our school, maintain regular contact with your child’s teacher, attend parent meetings, and attend regularly scheduled conferences. The PTA is also always looking for new members. Together we can create a positive, safe environment for our students. 


The purpose of the Uinta Meadows’ Parent/Student Handbook is to acquaint you with some of the beliefs, procedures, and policies of Uinta Meadows Elementary. Please read and become familiar with the contents, and keep this handbook readily available, as a reference, during the school year. If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed, you have a standing invitation to visit or call anytime. We are partners in the education of your child, and by working together we can make this a successful year. GO EAGLES!!!


Brad Francis