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Parent Pick-up Reminder

Uinta Meadows Families, 

Our primary responsibility is the safety of your children. We have a very large school. We have made adjustments to our arrival and dismissal procedures each year in an effort to improve the safety of our students. 

As many of you have witnessed, or been a part of, it is a bit chaotic in front of the school at dismissal. There are dozens of parents who wait outside of the front doors as students are exiting the building. This has some unintended negative consequences. Children can’t see if their vehicle is here yet. Staff are unable to keep kids where they need to be. Crossing guards are struggling to keep students and parents on the sidewalk until it is safe to cross. 

While we greatly appreciate parents being involved with their child’s education, we are encouraging anyone picking up their child(ren) after school to please remain in their cars. We are asking that if you need to get out of your vehicle to continue using the second lane (the lane furthest from the building) to park and do so. However, if you can park in that lane and wait until your child(ren) gets to you, that would be ideal. You are also more than welcome to park and stand at the fence if that helps in communicating with your child that you are here. If you use the first lane (the lane closest to the building), your child(ren) and staff will see you approaching. We will escort your student to you and your child can get in your vehicle. Please do NOT park and get out of your car if you are using the first lane. 

Lastly, if you absolutely have to meet your child(ren) at the front doors, we ask that you stand either on the sidewalk, grass, or behind the fence so that students and staff can keep kids safe on the cement area by the flagpole. We understand many parents meet their kids outside of the front doors because they walk home with them. We love that. Keep doing that. We simply ask that you help us keep all students safe by not congesting the cement area by the flagpole right outside of the front doors. 

We greatly appreciate your involvement. Please do not mistake this letter for anything other than teachers wanting to keep your child(ren) safe. Dismissal is a busy time and accidents happen. Let’s do what we can to eliminate potential accidents. If you have any questions, please ask. 

Thank you, 

Brad Francis - Principal