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Community Council

Uinta Meadows Elementary Community Council


October 25, 2018 5:30-6:30



Community Council Members:


Chair: Tamra Petersen

Vice Chair: Natalie Dover

Secretary: Tera Lawlar

Principal: Jerrod Dastrup


  1. Call meeting to order:


  1. PTA Items of Business


  1. CKLA Update - Becky Symes


  1. Title I Parental Involvement
    • Certified and Support Staff
    • How we use these funds


  1. Early Bird Attendance and Rotations


  1. Attendance Challenges
    • 1st (Hoffman) and 5th (Cluny)
    • 2nd and 4th November
    • Absences do not count against attendance challenges if we have a doctor’s note


  1. 2017-18 WY-TOPP Individual Student Reports
    • Passed out at PTC’s
    • Explanation of the report


  1. High Reliability Schools
    • HRS Level 1 Safe, Supportive and Collaborative Culture
      1. Goal is to be certified in May 2019
    • HRS Level 2 Effective Teaching in Every Classroom
    • HRS Level 3 Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
      1. HRS Level 3 Survey Results for Parents  


  1. Calendar Review


  1. Questions and/or Comments