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It's Fall Y'all!

The school year is in full swing and so is in-class social/emotional learning! We have dove into learning all about Distress Tolerance this month. 
Grades K-1 have started learning about all of the different emotions and how to work through them when they get too BIG with the help of the "A Little Spot of Emotion" series. You can learn more about the books and have access to videos, online stories, activities and more here.
Grades 2-5 have been learning all about "What is Distress?", how our brains work and the skills to help with BIG emotions. The first they they have learned is the ACCEPTS skill:
A- Activities
C- Contributions
C- Comparisons
E- Emotions
P- Pushing Away
T- Thoughts
S- Sensations
*They can remember this acronym by the saying, "A wise mind ACCEPTS." To learn more visit this website.