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Crisis Management

Our school utilizes the safety crisis program from the I Love You Guys Foundation Standard Response Protocol (SRP). The SRP is based on four actions. These four actions are Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter.   Throughout the year we will be sending you information home about our drills.  On September 16th, 2016 we will be practicing an Evacuation to Evanston Middle School. An evacuation is used when we need to leave the school for safety reasons.  A few examples of a reason for an evacuation could be events such as a Hazmat situation, a fire inside the building, a gas leak in or near the building, a bomb threat, or possibly a violent threat inside the school if it was deemed safer to leave the school then Lockdown.

We have practiced an Evacuation to Evanston Middle School in the 2014-2015 school year.  Teachers and Staff have been trained in the protocol and will be teaching students the protocol several times over the next week.  When we practice this drill Mr. Dastrup will announce over the intercom “Evacuate to Evanston Middle School”.    At this time we will dismiss one grade at a time to exit the building.  This will begin at 1:15 pm beginning with Kindergarteners and then we will release one grade at a time every few minutes.  We will be walking to Evanston Middle School, finding our places in the auditorium, eating a snack, and returning to Uinta Meadows by approximately 2:30 pm.  

  • Please make sure your student is dressed for walking in tennis shoes and for the weather that day.  
  • During this time we ask that parents do their best to not check students out of school.  

The Evacuate Protocol is listed below so that you can talk with your student about it if they have questions.  Over the intercom it will be called EVACUATE to Evanston Middle School.

EVACUATE is called when there is a threat or hazard in or near the school building.

STUDENTS Responsibilities:

  • Leave your stuff behind
  • Follow instructions

TEACHERS Responsibilities:

  • Lead evacuation to location
  • Bring your phone
  • Take attendance
  • Notify if missing, extra, or injured students

PARENT Responsibilities:

  • Follow all directions of Law Enforcement and/or School Crisis Commander

Please feel free to visit www.iloveyouguys.org if you would like to find more information about our crisis protocols or to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.