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Home-School Compact




As staff of UME, we agree to:

  • Hold high expectations for ourselves, and our students.
  • Show respect for all students.
  • Help to determine the educational needs of students.
  • Adjust the instructional program to meet the academic needs of students.
  • Provide a safe and orderly school environment.
  • Invite parents to work as partners with the school.
  • Be good role models in actions and words.
  • Provide an environment that allows for positive communication between teacher, parent and student.
  • Provide necessary assistance to parents—enabling them to help their students with assignments.
  • Provide extended learning opportunities for students.
  • Ensure that highly qualified teachers and para-educators provide educational services.
  • Ensure that quality on-going professional development is provided to teachers.
  • Share assessment and evaluation data with parents.
  • We belong to a learning community





As parents of a UME Student, we agree to:

  • Make sure our student is on time and prepared everyday for school.
  • Monitor out of class activities
  • Know how my child is doing in school by communicating with the teachers.
  • Help my child to accept consequences for his/her behavior.
  • Limit TV viewing and read 20 minutes daily with my child.
  • Schedule conferences with the teacher about concerns with schoolwork and behavior.
  • Check with my child daily for information sent home from school that will be useful.
  • Provide a nutritious diet and a safe, reliable home for my student.
  • Volunteer in their child’s classroom where possible.
  • Attend parent/teacher/student conferences.
  • Attend parent information nights.
  • We belong to a learning community


Phone Number:_______________________________

  As a student of UME, I agree to:

  • Come to school ready to do my best and to be prepared.
  • Listen to the teacher and follow directions
  • Know that I can learn and promise that I will learn.
  • Share papers with my parents daily and return signed papers to my teacher.
  • Allow the teacher/staff to help me work through my problems.
  • Be respectful of all staff members, students and property at UME.
  • Be honest and respectful of the rights of others as well as respect myself
  • Ask for help when I don’t understand.
  • Read 20 minutes everyday with my family at home.
  • I recognize that I can change my intelligence and abilities through effort.
  • The work at UME has value and purpose for me.
  • I belong to a learning community.
  • I can succeed.