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UME Reopening Plan

August 6, 2020

UME Families, 


Welcome back, Eagles! We are experiencing unprecedented times and because of the world pandemic, we feel so fortunate and excited that we have the option of starting school this fall face-to-face on August 24, 2020. As you read the guidelines below they may seem daunting, however, we are up for the challenge. We can all make this happen in a positive manner by working together. We will roll this school year out in a positive, proactive way, putting the needs of our students first. 


Superintendent Ryan Thomas communicated with all parents and staff the guidelines and procedures we are required to follow, a couple of weeks ago, through the UCSD#1 Reopening Plan. I encourage each of you to read both plans. The contents of the UME Reopening Plan are the specific details, guidelines, procedures, etc., that students, parents and staff of UME will follow as we return to school on August 24. This is considered Tier 1. We will move to Tier 2 and Tier 3 if the safety of students, families and staff reach a level of risk that requires us to do so. During Tier 1 parents have three  choices to educate their child(ren). They can attend school in person, attend virtually through UCSD#1 or homeschool (no affiliation with UCSD#1). Reading the Reopening Plans are meant to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. 


General Information: 

  • UCSD #1 will continue to ensure the safety of students and staff as our number one priority!
  • Uinta County School District #1 will resume daily face-to-face instruction (Tier 1) for students on August 24, 2020. 
  • We will continue having our Monday “Delayed Start” schedule to provide time for teachers to collaborate with colleagues working on curriculum, interventions, and meeting student needs. Tuesday through Friday will be the same as it has always been. 
    • School hours on Mondays are from 10:05-3:40pm
    • School hours on Tuesdays-Fridays are from 9:05-3:40pm
  • Normal bus routes will run and masks or face covering must be worn at all times for students and adults while riding a bus until health orders change.
  • Stay home when ill, or when you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Bring a personal water bottle to school each day. 
  • Do not share food or drink, and do not use public water fountains.
  • No assemblies until health orders change. 


  • The only time a student or staff member has to quarantine for 14 days is when they have tested positive or if they have been with a person who has tested positive for COVID for over 15 minutes, without a mask and closer than 6'. 


  • Required by local health orders, every employee and student will be expected to wear a mask or face covering when 6’ physical distancing cannot be maintained. Examples include but are not limited to: transportation to and from school, common areas, transition times, classrooms, and when arriving and dismissing from school. 
  • Students are not required to wear them outdoors. 
  • Allowances may be made under the discretion of the teacher when 6’ of physical distancing can be maintained in the classroom.
  • Students are required to wear their masks in the bathrooms and hallways, regardless of a 6’ physical distance.
  • Students are required to bring their own mask. 
  • Please initial your child(s) mask.
  • Parents, please confirm with your child(s) teacher whether or not you want your child to wear a mask at all times while at school, at all times in the classroom, (even when 6’ physical distance can be maintained), or if they are allowed to remove the mask at the teacher’s discretion based on the 6’ rule. 
  • UME will have disposable masks on hand in the event that a student forgets/loses theirs, but we ask that you not rely on us to provide your child with a mask each day.
  • UCSD#1 will purchase one gaiter for each student that they can take home. U
  • UCSD#1 Gaiters will remain at UME and will be washed weekly by grade level.
  • We suggest that each student has one gaiter or mask for each day of the week. It is imperative that students have clean/sanitized gaiters/masks while at school. 

Guidelines for Parents:

  • Screen your child each morning for symptoms of COVID-19 and do not send them to school if they are ill or exhibit any of the following:
    • Fever greater than 100.4 degrees
    • Cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing
    • Chills or muscle aches
    • Sore throat
    • Can’t smell or are experiencing a loss of taste
    • If they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last ten days
    • If symptoms persist, it is recommended that you see your primary care physician.
  • Parents will be screened when visiting school. Screening will include a temperature check and health related questionnaire using the same questions above.
  • A mask or face covering must be worn until health orders change. 
  • Parents wishing to go beyond the office must have that arranged with the teacher prior to their arrival. 
  • Parents are NOT allowed to eat lunch with their child in the classroom. 
  • Reinforce the expectation for frequent hand washing, mask wearing, and physical distancing.
  • No edible treats to share with the class (birthdays, etc.). Non edibles are okay.

Health Screening: Procedures and protocols, including:

  • Teachers will take their own temperature at the beginning of each day.
  • Each student will have their temperature checked at the beginning of the day prior to entering the building.
  • Every teacher will have a no-contact temperature gun that they will use as students line up on the playground prior to entering the building each day.
  • If a student has a temperature an adult will walk with them to the nurses office. The nurse will check the temperature again. We will contact parents if the child is showing symptoms. 
  • Students and employees showing COVID symptoms should not return to school or work until they have followed all of the criteria established by the local health department or their health care provider.

Breakfast and Lunch:

  • Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria from 9:30-10:00am on Mondays and 8:30-9:00am on Tuesdays through Fridays. There will be a 6’ physical distance between children eating breakfast. 
  • Lunches will be eaten in classrooms. The UME cafeteria will only seat 48 students if we are maintaining a 6’ physical distance. There is no feasible way to fit more than two classes into the cafeteria at one time while being in compliance with local and state health guidelines. We all know Evanston weather is cold, windy, and unpredictable. Eating outside is not a viable option. 
  • We will assign staff to get the student lunches from the cafeteria in carts. These carts will be assigned to a classroom. The assigned staff member will deliver the lunches to the classrooms. Teachers will supervise students as they eat. Students will then be sent outside for lunch recess.
  • Trash bags will be provided for each classroom.
  • Students will need to dump their milk in the sink before they put it in the trash bag.
  • Teacher or para will clean and sanitize desks 
  • There will be NO use of microwaves. 

Students Arriving at School: Procedures and protocols, including the following:

  • We will NOT be able to provide Early Birds at 8:00 a.m. There are simply too many students in close proximity from multiple grades. 
  • Student arrival time will be at 8:30 a.m Tuesday through Friday and 9:30 on Monday. Students can be dropped off in the gym parking lot, in front of the school or from the bus. They will be directed to the playground for recess until the first bell rings. 
  • Students do not need to wear masks on the playground
  • They are required to wear a mask when they enter the school (hallways). 


  • In order to implement social distancing on the bus, students will be asked to wait at their bus stops until the driver signals them to board. 
  • Each student will be prescreened, have a mask on, and be seated before the next student boards. 
  • Buses will have assigned seats.
  • If a student presents with COVID 19 symptoms, the parent/guardian will be contacted and the student sent home. If no contact is made with a parent/guardian, Transportation will send someone to pick up the child and bring them to the Transportation Office. If a reasonable effort to contact is not successful, law enforcement will be contacted. 
  • All busses will be cleaned & sanitized between routes.


  • Students will still rotate to Specials the same way we have always done it.
  • Masks will be required at specials due to larger class sizes in Specials and the fact that we have ⅓ of our students rotate through Specials each day. 
  • Masks are not required in PE if the students are outside. 


  • Students always have a gaiter take out to recess (not a mask).
  • Students are required to pull them up over their mouth and nose when they are in the hallway to go outside to recess and again as they enter the hallway as they return from recess.
  • Students do not have to wear them over their mouth and nose while outside at recess, but they must leave them around their neck so they are ready to be worn as they enter the building as they return from recess.

WIN Time:

  • We value interventions and extensions at UME. WIN (What I Need) time is when students are sent to other teachers and paras, in small groups, in that grade level to get support with their exact needs. To begin the year students will not go to other rooms for WIN time. We will have para/aides enter classrooms and the kids will stay in their same room for that WIN support.

UCSD #1 Virtual School Option:

  • K-5: Classroom Based Virtual School Model
    • Virtual instruction will focus on core content areas (Language Arts, Science, Mathematics,  and Social Studies).
    • Teacher office hours and zoom instruction will be scheduled between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
    • There will be assignments for students to complete outside of those instructional hours. 
    • Students will be assigned an appropriate grade level teacher that will mirror the curriculum offered during instruction at school. 
    • Student attendance will be tracked daily/weekly.
    • Student grades will be standards based, the same way students who attend in person. We will not give students a grade of Pass or Incomplete. They will get a standards based grade based on their level of proficiency in each core subject. 
    • The ability to provide a K-5 Virtual School option will be reviewed quarterly to determine if it is needed based on enrollment, the current health orders from Wyoming and Uinta County Public Health, and/or when district resources for the program have been exhausted. 
    • During phase I of the District’s reopening plan, students selecting the K-5 virtual option, and those who have selected homeschool will not be allowed to take face-to-face elementary classes (specials). This may change as state health orders are relaxed.
    • Students will be allowed to transfer from the K-5 virtual option to regular school (face-to-face instruction) at any time. However, switching back and forth multiple times will not be allowed. 
    • If parents make a change to virtual learning inside the year there is no guarantee, if they go back to school, that they will get the same teacher. 
    • District will allow off-site instruction and will be the virtual education provider for students who do not want to participate in face-to-face instruction:



Jerrod Dastrup, Principal