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Summer Break is here!

This year has flown by! The kids learned so much this year about emotions, mental health, communication, coping and more!
In Kindergarten, we finished up the year by learning more about Growth Mindset and how to make sure our brains keep growing, even over the summer! For grades 1-5, we set summer goals, sharpened our skill of "grit" and practiced being mindful. 
I hope that you all have a safe and wonderful summer. Below are some summer tips to keep your kiddos learning and practicing those social/emotional skills:
-Find healthy technology boundaries. There is a wonderful article explaining how to talk to your children about this topic and plan for it here.
-Help kiddos keep a healthy summer sleep routine and make sure to avoid technology use at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime. 
-Help them get that sunshine outdoors and keep moving. 
-Stick with nutrition routines and help find ways to make sure they are getting plenty of water to accommodate for the extra sunshine.
- Consider practicing that growth mindset they have worked so hard on. There are so many great resources here and FREE printables each week.
Until August... 
Mrs. Tiffany