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Winding Down...

Wow, we are starting to wind down! I cannot even believe it. With WYTOPP testing this month we have worked on getting some much needed brain breaks with our in class social and emotional learning here at UME in the past couple of weeks.
We started off the beginning of the month for grades 2-5 learning about how to respond to others picking on, teasing or bullying us when ignoring doesn't work. Dr. Brooks Gibbs has a very helpful video on YouTube with examples that you can find HERE.
With this information, I stressed to students that the mean and hard things that others say to them may really hurt on the inside and how and when to seek support from a caring adult. It can be easier said than done to not let these things get to us. I also spent a lot of time talking about how to seek help should this become a pattern or get worse. Dr Gibbs also has a website with helpful information for educators and parents alike that can also be found HERE.
As WYTOPP testing began, we worked on those much needed brain breaks while practicing guided imagery where students were walked through imagining laying in a field and a butterfly flying around them. The following week, students practiced a Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure where they were able to release some energy and calm their minds. Many of the students said they found these exercises helpful for getting movement in, releasing some energy, relaxation and curbing big emotions. 
With our K and 1st grade students, we finished up the Little Spot of Emotion module with A Little Scribble Spot. Students then were able to make and take home their own Little Spot of Emotion. 
Following this module, we have moved into expanding knowledge on "Growth Mindset" through the Class Dojo series. Students have learned that our brains are like muscles that can grow as well as how to help them grow. Next, we learned all about making mistakes and how everyone makes mistakes- the important thing is that we learn from them.