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Hello Spring!

I cannot believe how quickly time seems to be flying! We are already just about to Spring Break! I hope that you all have a safe and wonderful break!
In March for grades 2-5, we continued learning Conscious Discipline skills, with a focus on "Positive Intent." This education looks different for parents and educators than it does for children. If you would like more information on positive intent for adults, please watch this short video by Dr. Bailey here: You can also follow Conscious Discipline on Facebook from there for more tips!
To teach the skill of "Positive Intent" to grades 2-5, we focused on the following:
- "The Power of Love" and "Judging Intentions" where we talked about working hard to clarify the intentions of others and work to not take things personally that were not intended to do us harm. 
-A brain and mindfulness review! We reviewed how our brains are wired in being able to clearly think things through and get our brain functioning as well as it possibly can in order to take those big deep breaths and take steps to regulate emotions. We also did a mindful eating exercise to learn how to slow down and be in the 'here and now.'
-Self-talk- what are your thoughts saying to you each and every day? I had the kiddos explore things that they have said to themselves and if they would be able to keep friends if they treated friends the way they treat themselves at times. What we can all find in common, is that we can be pretty harsh to ourselves. If we treated friends the same way, we might not have many. We then worked on fighting back to those mean comments we make to ourselves and working to be our own cheerleader.
- Looking for the 'Diamond in the Rough.' Working to see the good and positive qualities in ourselves and in others. What we choose to see, we often see more of. We connected how diamonds are made under heat and pressure and how when we experience heat and pressure in life, we are learning, growing and becoming. Each child was able to have a small (fake, of course) diamond to remember this by. 
For our Kinder and 1st grades we continued with our "Little Spots of Emotion." This month we covered the emotions of sadness, anxiety and love. They learned and practiced skills to help shrink sadness and anxiety spots including some Cosmic Kids yoga, breathing and finding support and things they enjoy. They all loved Cosmic Kids yoga so much! If you would like to find this at home on YouTube, the link is here:
Happy Spring! Enjoy the sunshine and warmth!