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Fun February!

Just because February is a short month- doesn't mean we have not been busy learning! For our in class social-emotional learning with Mrs. Tiffany, UME students learned and practiced empathy, acceptance, love, diversity and honesty. These are the pillars of what we hope that each and every UME student will choose to embody. 
Empathy: the ability to share and understand the feelings of another. We discussed imagining that we are "walking in someone else's shoes" and how we would feel if in a similar situation as well as social cues that can help clue us into what others may be feeling and communication skills of asking others how they feel. We have some empathetic kiddos here at UME!
Acceptance, love and diversity all go hand in hand. We spent a few weeks discussing and thinking about our similarities and differences and how to accept all of those things. Over Valentine's week we practiced the act of "wishing others well." Here is a link to more information on what this includes and how it is done.
We finished up the topic of diversity by reading and contemplating the book "Just Ask" by Sonia Sotomayor. This is a beautiful book that explains differences to children and how to ask about those differences. The story is read aloud here:
The month ended with discussing honesty and exploring, with a cool science experiment and story, what dishonesty makes us feel inside and how/when to go about correcting this habit. 
Our kinder and first grade students learned about more "Little Spots of Emotion"- Happiness and Peace. Check out the photo below where the kinder and 1st grade students were able to identify things that bring them happiness!