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Starting off 2022

I hope that you enjoyed the holiday break and got some much needed family time. Since school has been back in session, we have sure been busy!
Kindergarten and first grade have begun learning about emotions and ways to deal with those emotions. You may notice your kiddos coming home with colored spots on their hands! The spots are intentional and I am hopeful they can teach you about why they have it. I have been using the book set, "A Little Spot of Emotion" by Diane Alber. This book set is one of a few that she has created that help young kids learn about and relate to emotions as well as learn age appropriate skills to either grow or shrink them (depending on the emotion). She talks about how she decided to create these books here: You can also find more information on her website here: Next month, we will continue learning about the emotions of happiness, love and peace and how we can grow those spots of emotion. 
For our grades 2-5, we have focused on the Conscious Discipline skill of "Choices" and the value of "Persistence." After the new year, they learned all about S.M.A.R.T. goals to help set them up for success when setting any New Year's Resolutions. More information on S.M.A.R.T. goals can be found here: They then learned about motivation, and staying motivated even when things get hard. Next, we learned about the choices we have each and every day and the impact of those choices on our life. We ended the month exploring emotional responsibility- taking ownership over our emotions AND the skills to cope with those emotions. If you are interested in learning more about Conscious Discipline, you can find information for parents here:
I am in awe of these children each and every day and their willingness to look introspectively and continue to learn and grow.