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Happy Brain Break!

Happy Holidays! 
This month for our in-class social/emotional learning we covered:
Kindness: This one was an EASY review for them! We have got some kind hearted kiddos! We talked about the ripple effect that kindness can have and how we sometimes forget to be kind, especially when others may or may not be kind to us. 
Becoming Brain Smart: Our kids learned about a few parts and states of the brain including the survival state, emotional state and executive state. More information can be found here:
"I feel" Statements: We have spent a lot time learning about the purpose of emotions, naming emotions, etc. but this month we learned how to COMMUNICATE emotions. They were able to practice this skill as well as learn about the importance of communicating the emotions that feel good AND the ones that don't feel so good. We often review that no emotions is "bad," just sometimes the way we communicate them and how they feel can use some work.
Please have a safe and wonderful break, I look forward to seeing those smiling faces come back in January!
Mrs. Tiffany