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October Review

Happy Fall! 
Whew! The kids have worked SO hard this month. Our school is learning all about Conscious Discipline and all of the skills that go along with it. This month they have learned about the skill of Composure which includes:
The Power of Perception: In learning about the power of perception the kids learned all about what the word perception means, where our perceptions come from and how to respect perceptions of others as well as how to look at things from another's perception. 
Anger: We read the book "The Angry Octopus" by Lori Lite which demonstrates what anger feels like in our bodies and how to work to calm the body and mind. The kiddos absolutely loved this book. This is a wonderful skills teaching book that can help them review if they are having trouble recognizing or controlling anger.
Reducing & Managing Stress: To reduce and manage stress, we reviewed 4 Conscious Discipline breathing exercises called "STAR Breathing," "Drain Breathing," "Pretzel Breathing" and "Balloon Breathing." They were very excited to go home and tell you all that they learned how to breathe! If you would like to learn these breathing styles to practice with them, here is the link to a pre-recorded lesson I did for Fall Break.
Emotion Regulation: The last week in October, we have been practicing putting this all together to help recognize and regulate BIG emotions. They learned how to get themselves to a safe place and/or person that can be supportive while they are experiencing big emotions, incorporate the breathing techniques they learned, recognize and name the feeling, choose to calm down and lastly, to solve problems. 
If you would like more information on Conscious Discipline and how to begin using this at home, you can visit: 
Stay tuned for my November update where they will learn all about Encouragement.