PTA Walk-A-Thon


9th Annual UME PTA Walk-a-thon




UME Families,

Friday, October 2nd will be our 9th Annual Walk-a-thon at Uinta Meadows. We are so excited to announce our theme… “Stomp on COVID”!! The students will already be dressed up and in their masks throughout the day. Since we will be outside students will NOT have to wear a mask/gaiter while participating.

This year we are teaming up with Get Movin’©, this can make donations easier for your children and extended family. On the back of this letter it talks about how to register your child with it. Your child will also receive an envelope for donations. 

The money we raise at the walk-a-thon allows the PTA to do wonderful things at UME. Things we have done in the past are: books for our students, maps painted on the playground, skis, popcorn machine for parties, money for talon ticket prizes for the students, more books, tin whistles, bouncy houses and so on. It also helps pay for our yearly activities. We look forward to your support this year. This is the school's main fundraiser. Let’s make it great!!

Students will have the opportunity to earn prizes based on the donations they receive. We have some fun things this year. Donations online can start as soon as you are able to register your child.  If your child is turning in donations to the school, either to their teacher or the office, they need to be turned in on or before Oct 2nd, the day of the Walk-a-thon. Checks can be made out to the UME PTA.

EVERY student will participate the day of the Walk-a-thon regardless of whether or not they collect donations. We are asking that parents send a note with their student if they DO NOT want their child to participate.  

There will be fun “Stomp COVID” stations/obstacles set-up around the school to keep the students motivated and having fun. We will have popsicles at the end. Parents are welcome to come but we can’t allow you to walk/run with your child(ren) unless you are wearing a mask/gaiter. 

The schedule is as follows:

4th and 5th 11:00

2nd and 3rd 12:55

Kinder and 1st 2:15


Each rotation of runner/ walkers will run for 30 minutes


We appreciate your continued support for our PTA. If you have any questions or would like to help call UME.

Jerrod Dastrup, Principal



To see how much money has been raised by your class or by the ENTIRE school follow this link!